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Campbel Custom Woodworking's workshop

The Campbell Custom Woodworking workshop nestled in the trees behind my house

I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains; this surrounded me in natural beauty. My family would take Sunday drives through the mountains and hikes on the Appalachian Trail. Here began my love affair with the out of doors and things of natural beauty. My family moved back to Michigan - to its roots - when I was a young adolescent.

The mystique of a grandfather who lost his life accidentally while I was still a young boy, helped shape my desires and ambitions. I have long held the thought that my initial career path would have been different had he been there to help shape my life. He was a commercial and residential builder, a hard worker and an out of doors man. As I began to mature I felt the pull of my heritage join with my need to create. I developed a love of wood as a medium to channel my artistic nature.

My formal instruction for woodworking included two years of high school shop and several Community Ed woodworking classes after graduating with my BS degree in engineering. I collected, devoured and absorbed books and trade journals on woodworking and slowly developed my abilities through practice on numerous projects, both personal and as gifts. I believe I have inborn ability when it comes to woodworking. Several family members have artistic attributes as well, but use different mediums to express themselves.

For many years I’ve carried this dream of designing and building custom furniture. I built my shop in 1995 with the thought I would someday realize my dream. I could see myself then, bent over a drafting table in my upstairs office, sawdust in my hair, working through the latest creation. So with the support of my loving wife Carol, we decided to make my dream career a reality. In January of 2010 I took the first steps in this, my perfect journey

---Brian Campbell


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